The Second Wav Chapter 55

August 9, 2017

ReZurXn Radio's DJ Dogbone returns with Chapter 55 of The Second Wav podcast.  This show is synth heavy with tracks from Anything Box, T-4-2, The Hunger plus a rare remix by The Midnight.  As per usual, "(v)" indicates a vinyl track. Enjoy...


T-4-2 - You Don't Have To Love Me

Modern English - Trees (v)

The Hunger - 100 Years

Anything Box - Transistions 

Psychedelic Furs - Forever Now (v)

 Visage - Diaries of a Madman

Jon Bellion - 80's Films (The Midnight Remix)

Japan - The Art of Parties

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

STRFKR - Girls just Want to Have Fun

R.E.M. - Driver 8 (v)

Morrissey - Quiga Board, Ouiga Board

Camouflage  - Love is a Shild


The Second Wav Chapter 54

July 22, 2017

DJ Dogbone has cooked up a new episode of ReZurXn Radio's the second Wav.  This time, it's more of a throw back episode packed full of retro alternative classics from Cetu Javu to Thompson Twins with a few new tracks thrown in for spice. As always (v) indicates vinyl sourced track. Background intro music this week is FM84's "Delorean."


FM84 - Delorean

Cetu Javu - Have in Mind (extended mix) (v)

George Michael - Freedom 90

Divinyls - Pleasure and Pain (v)

Morrissey - I Knew I Was Next

Thompson Twins - If You Were Here (v)

Anything Box - Where Is Love & Happieness 

R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe (original 1981 Hibtone mix) (v)

U2 - An Cat Dubh

Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter

Oingo Boingo - All The Pieces (v)

Talk Talk - Mirror Man (DEMO)

Eleven Pond - Dressed In Leather

Sad Lovers & Giants - Things We Never Did

Utah Staints - Something Good

FM84 - Don't Want To Change Your Mind

Celebrate the Nun - Will You Be There

The Jesus & Mary Chain - All Things Pass (v)


The Second Wav Chapter 53: Toxic Salon Tribute Show

June 30, 2017

ReZurXn Radio presents The Second Wav with DJ Dogbone: Chapter 53: Toxic Salon Tribute!  DJ Dogbone dips into the playlist for the Second Annual Toxic Salon Customer Appreciation Party held at the Thirst Camel.  Along with Dante's Prayer, DJ Dogbone put together a special playlist for this very special night and the reception was so positive he decided to share select tracks from that night. Intro Music provided by Enzo Van Baelen with the song "Fireball!" from Project TLS01 which can be found on Bandcamp! 


FM-84 - Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)

Chris Isaak - Wicket Game (remix)

Tervor Something - Do It Again

Claude - Fast Forward

Neon Indian - Polish Girlfriend

Mitch Murder - Knight Rider Theme

Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star (remix)

LexiconDon - December Sunset (remix)

Savlonic - Wires

The Midnight - Days of Thunder

Lana Del Ray - Brooklyn Baby (remix)

Toxic - Lights That Change

Violetta Crush - She She She


The Second Wav with DJ Dogbone Chapter 52

June 18, 2017

ReZurXn Radio host DJ Dogbone ventures into the world of retro, new wave, sythwave, new retro wave and a whole lot more.... from 1000 OHM and Spirit Level (UK) to Polish Bandcamp band Selofan, it's all here tonight on Chapter 52! *(v) indicates vinyl version.


(intro music) Oingo Boingo - Capitalism

The Smiths - You've Got Everything Now (v)

Visage - Mind of a Toy

Slowdive - Everybody Knows (v)

1000 Ohm - A.G.N.E.S.

Altered Images - See Those Eyes (v)

Chameleons (UK) - Here Today

Mitch Murder - Guiles theme

Psychedelic Furs - Hearbreak Beat (v)

Violetta Crush - Cellular (San Antonio Artist)

Selofan - Should We Dance

Pressures - Casting Shodows (v)

Peter Hook & the Light - Ceremony

The Other Two - Tasty Fish

Spirit Level (UK) - Recovery (beard2beard)



The Second Wav Chapter 51

June 10, 2017

It's been a few weeks since the last episode of ReZurXn Radio's The Second Wav. Host DJ Dogbone has dipped into the vinyl vault as well as brought to light some great new tracks as well. (v) indicates a vinyl version of the song off an LP, EP or single.


Intro music provided by Europaweite Aussichten – VHS Night (Bonus)


Violetta Crush – Summer Star

Soviet Soviet – Fairy Tail (v)

Pocket feat. Steve Kilby– Here is Noiseville (Justus Köhncke Remix)

Eleven Pond – Black Keys (Live)

Big Country – Steeltown (v)

B-Movie – Rememberance Day

Spirit Level UK – Copenhagen

AU.RA – Sun (v)

Anything Box – Rise

Slowdive – Don't Know Why

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation

The Cure – Bananafishbones (v)

Twin Shadows – Five Seconds

The Midnight – The Comeback Kid (v)

Neon Indian – Hex Girlfriend

Peter Hook & The Light – Cries and Whispers (v)

Visage – I Am Watching




The Second Wav Chapter 50

May 12, 2017

In the 50th episode of ReZurXn Radio's The Second Wav, host DJ Dogbone covers several new releases from the bands Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Replacements, and the Mignight all the while filling the gaps with classic alternative acts like Talk Talk, Morrissey, Cocteau Twins and more.... all on this week's The Second Wav!


Intro music "So Close" by Lazerhawk

Talk Talk - Today

Blondie - Sunday Girl

Icehouse - No Promises (from the Crouch Collection)

The Midnight (feat. Nikki Flores) - Jason

Cocteau Twins - Pepermint Pig 12"

Cyberaktif - Meltdown (Parody)

Robert Miles - Children

Spirit Level (UK) - Alaghiah Sunrise

Morrissey - Alma Matters

Peter Hook & The Light - Procession

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)

Slowdive - Sugar for the Pill

The Replacements - Lost Highway


The Second Wav Chapter 49

May 6, 2017

ReZurXn Radio host DJ Dogbone returns from holiday in London with some UK rarities and a Second Wav exclusive! Check out the latest episode of The Second Wav. the sympol (v) indicates vinyl record.

Intro music provided by Waveshaper with "Emergence" 

Peter Hook & the Light - Dreams Never End (v)

Johnny Marr - European Me

Echo & the Bunnymen - The Pictures On My Way (v)

Eleven Pond - Shimmering White Lights

Visage - Hidden Sign (v)

Nightstop - The End Is Night

Peter Hook & the Light - Transmission (v)

Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus Ii

Slowdive - Star Roving

Spirit Level (UK) - Blind Date (The Second Wav exclusive!)

Madonna - Vacation (Holiday)

Otrotasce - Passage

Morrissey - Oh Phoney 



The Second Wav Chapter 48

April 15, 2017

On this week's show, ReZurXn Radio host DJ Dogbone has put together another eclectic mix of retro tunes including a rare gems from T-4-2, Missing Persons, Poi Dog Pondering and Adam Ant plus a whole lot more on The Second Wav. Be sure to like us on Facebook at TheSecondWav and check us out on our and Podbean sites. The "(v)" indicates classic vinyl track played on the 1200.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Far Gone and Out.

The Jam - Beat Surrender (v) 

Faith No More - We Care A Lot

Gary Numan & the Tubeway Army - We Are Glass

T-4-2 - Lover (3 1/2 Min. Turbo Mix)

Romeo Void - Never Say Never

Missing Persons - Bad Streets

Berlin - Metro

The Ocean Blue - Cerulean

Poi Dog Pondering - Bury Me Deep (Special Version)

The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Adam Ant - Wonderful

Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion


The Second Wav Chapter 47.5

April 11, 2017

It's a bonus episode of ReZurXn Radio's the Second Wav.  This time around, your host DJ Dogbone digs deep in the crates for some super alternative classics from the post punk era. Rare B-Movie, The Cure and Morrissey plus a whole lot more of "off the chart" tracks... (v) denotes vinyl


The Midnight - The Equalizer (Not Alone)

Electronic - Get the Message

The Cure - I'm Cold (v)

Fad Gadget - Ladyshave (remix)

B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (v)

Lords of the New Church - Russian Roulette 

Propaganda - Machinery (Polish) (v)

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)

Xymox - A Million Things(v)

The Lightning Seeds - All I want

The Human League - The Lebanon (v)

New Order - Theives Like Us

Morrissey - Reader Meet Author (v)


The Second Wav Chapter 47

April 8, 2017

ReZurXn Radio host DJ Dogbone returns with another chapter of The Second Wav.  This time around, it's a mixture of New Retro Wave (NRW) artists along side the traditional new wave and classic alternative artists you've come to expect on The Second Wav. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for music news and info on the show. (v) denotes vinyl track. (we reloaded this file on 4/10/17 due to issues with the original master file.)


Visage- She's Electric (Coming Around) (v)

Trevor Something - Summer Love

Electronic - Gangster (v)

Teeel - Galilean Moons

Ultravox - Passing Strangers (v)

The March Violets - Turn to the Sky

The Ocean Blue - Between Something and Nothing

Mannequin - Wait No Longer (v)

Ministry - Same Old Madness (Video Version)

T-4-2 - Don't Let My Love (v) 

The Midnight - Los Angeles

Joy Division - Novelty (v)

Turquoise Days - Grey Skies

Poesie Noire - Puty for the Self (v)

Eleven Pond - Watching Trees

Japan - Quiet Life (v)

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (Kung Fury)

The Midnight - Days of Thunder