The Second Wav Chapter 49

May 6, 2017

ReZurXn Radio host DJ Dogbone returns from holiday in London with some UK rarities and a Second Wav exclusive! Check out the latest episode of The Second Wav. the sympol (v) indicates vinyl record.

Intro music provided by Waveshaper with "Emergence" 

Peter Hook & the Light - Dreams Never End (v)

Johnny Marr - European Me

Echo & the Bunnymen - The Pictures On My Way (v)

Eleven Pond - Shimmering White Lights

Visage - Hidden Sign (v)

Nightstop - The End Is Night

Peter Hook & the Light - Transmission (v)

Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus Ii

Slowdive - Star Roving

Spirit Level (UK) - Blind Date (The Second Wav exclusive!)

Madonna - Vacation (Holiday)

Otrotasce - Passage

Morrissey - Oh Phoney 



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