The Second Wav Chapter 45

March 13, 2017

This weeks episode of ReZurXn Radio's The Second Wav features a mixture of vinyl and digital tracks presented by your host DJ Dogbone.  Some note-worthy tunes include Numa Record artist Hohokan, The Midnight, and even a little Howard Jones.... (v) denotes vinyl.


Hohokan - Harlequin Tears (v)

Mosqua TV - Generator 7/8

Secession - Promise (Dance Remix) (v)

A Split Second - Rigor Mortis

Lush - When I Die 

U2 - The Electric Co (Live Under A Bloody Red Sky Mix) (v)

Men Without Hats - Antartica

Psychedelic Furs - Run and Run (v)

a-ha - Take On Me (1984 7" version)

Howard Jones - What is Love (New Extended Version) (v)

Duran Duran - My Own Way (US remix)

Real Life - Face to Face (v)

The Midnight Vampires 


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