The Second Wav Chapter 35

December 3, 2016

ReZurXn Radio's the Second Wav with DJ Dogbone returns to the air after a hiatus. This week's show covers a variety of styles of music from the past and present.

the Ascent of Man: Parts 1-VI - Thomas Dolby (intro music)

Written in the Stars - (Clan of) Xymox 

The Last Song (live version) - Trisomie 21

Watching Trees - Eleven Pond

Infected - The The

King For A Day - Thompson Twins

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby - Kristy MacColl

Reflections - Secession

Enola Gay - Orchestral Manuvers In the Dark (O.M.D.)

The Look of Love (Parts one & Two) - ABC

Your Racist Friend - They Might Be Giants

The Dead Heart - Midnight Oil

"40" - U2


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